Metal Halide Ballast. Probe or Pulse start?

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Jan 2, 2006
Could you explain the diff. between a probe start and pulse start MH ballast to me.
The reason I ask is because I just bought two MH 175w ballast Advance M57 retro kits. They are the same core and coil but one comes with an igniter/starter and the other does not.
If I just don't use the igniter will this make the ballast a probe or pulse start? What is the Diff.?
Kill the yellow font over a white background. Impossible to read.

But to answer your question, a pulse start uses the ingitor and the probe start does not. The M57 is a probe start and the M137 is pulse start.

Some bulbs will fire with either ballast, some like an Ushio need the M137.
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