Metal Halide's vs Power Compacts

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Jan 8, 2007
Philadelphia, Pa
I just purchased a new light. It's a Coralife with 2 150 watt metal Halides a two 96 watt True Actinic Blue. My old lighting system was power compacts 2 96w 10k and 2 96w Actinic. I use to run the 10k PC for about 8 hours and the Actinic's for 10. Does the same hold true for the Halides?

On a 55 gal but soon to be a 95 gal in a week or two.
Personally, I run all my lights at the same time. I think it is really a personal preference 8-10 hours seem to be a decent, natural lighting schedule, some even like 12 hours.
I didn't know if I could run the halides as long. I don't want to bleach any corals. I do notice they evaporate water alot faster.
You are going to have to acclimate your corals to the higher intensity lighting. I would run the MH's for only 2 hours per day for the first week. Then increase that 2 hours per day per week. For example, 2 hours per day the first week, 4 hours per day week two, 6 hours per day week three ..... About 8-10 hours per day for the MH's should provide sufficient amounts of light.

The actinic PC's can be run for 12 hours per day from the very start.
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