MH bulb opinion needed

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Sep 8, 2003
Indiana USA
I currently have a Coralvue set up with CV 2x250 10Ks and 1 actinic T5 and 1 50/50 T5.

I need to replace my MH's and I think I want to go to a higher K bulb. I want a bit more blue. I am considering the CV 14ks or the Hamilton 14ks. The CV's are a bit cheaper which is nice but the Hamilton is not much more.

Any one use or seen these with a CV electronic ballast or similar? I have heard a magnetic ballast with give a different color/brightness than an electonic ballast.

I have seen pics on the MH bulb thread on RC. Both the bulbs look good but I have seen local pics of the Hamiltons and they look real blue. Although the people say the pic comes out bluer than in real life.

Any thoughts?
Runthe CV bulb on the CV ballast. The ballasts are tuned to run the CV bulbs. THey will run these bulbs the best. Hamiltons are blue but the CRI (how the spectrum hold over time) in the Coralvues is more stable
So will the 14000k hamilton bulb work in my cv ballast your sending me?
It will work fine. Its just the coralvue bulbs will work the best on the CV ballast since the were designed as a unit.
Thumper - You will be pleased with the 14K CV. You can even run them without supplemental lighting.

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