MH & HQI Lighting

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Jan 1, 2007
A few questions regarding MH lighting.

What is the difference between MH and HQI lighting?

Are 150W HQI comparable to 175W or 250W MH bulbs?

Other than the obvious, what is the difference between single and double ended bulbs?
Single ended or mogul socket bulbs have a screw in base. Doubled ended are HQI bulbs and don't have screw ends. The ends of the bulb just slip into the fixture. I am not an expert here but I don't think single ended bulbs can be HQI.

HQI or double ended bulbs have to have a UV shield where the single ended bulbs do not as it is built into the glass.

I have heard that HQI are brighter but not sure really. I have a 150 HQ over a prop tank and I use 250 watt single ended bulbs over my display. No comparison for output here.
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