mh lights

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May 30, 2008
hi all
iam upgrading to metal halides next month, not sure which one to get either 2x150 plus actincs or 2x250 plus actincs, i have a 48x19x22 tank. i have softies and 3x lps in under t5s at the moment. only adding lps and i will be added a bta sometime next year, dont think i will adding sps. if the 2x250mh is not needed i would rather spend the money on something else for the tanks.
cheers ccCapt. saved myself £100 to spend on a elegance coral and a bubble coral
I agree with Larry. Go with the 150`s if SPS corals are not going to be in the tank.
I agree fully. I have a 120 with dual 175s with VHO and T5 supplements and my SPS are growing like mad. You will do just fine with the 150s on your tank.
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