More Algae Problems...

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Dec 19, 2004
Lansing, MI
Hey all.

I posted a question a couple of weeks ago concerning algae.
It was recommended that I add RO H2O in order to get my Specific Gravity to 1.028 and to reduce the number of hours my lights were on.

I have done this, (sorry, I don't have a SG # right now)
My tank lights are on for 10.5 hours compared to 12 hours like before.

I still see some algae on the rocks. I know that some is good but there is alot. I will try to post a pic later today.

Anyways, should I reduce the hours of light more?
Should I add more snails, (I just had 2 die...they fell on their backs :( )

Thanks for the help. :eggface:
I would add about 2 more turbo snails. The deal with turbo snails is they die alot so you can start the year with 50 and end it with 10, in a larger tank than yours. I swear over the past year I have bought about 80 - 100 snails and they fall down or the hermit crabs eat them for a new home. It is good to keep a few more than you really need in the tank at all times, just incase a few fall down.
The problem with turbo snails is that they are cold water snails. The temps that we keep our tanks at are great for the fish and corals, but not for turbo snails. There are other snails that are just as effective and dont die nearly as easily. I'll try to post the list that is on my web site a little later.

If your trates are in line, you might consider a pensil urchin. they love the hair algae and will help spread your coralline. :wink:
The problem with turbo snails is that they are cold water snails

Mexican turbo snails are the larger snails that like cooler water. Astrea snails are a good warm water snail. I keep my tanks at 82 and they do well in that temp. Other good snails are the cerith snails and turban snails. I do not see any coral listed in your profile except mushrooms. If that is still the case, I would keep the lights off for a few days.
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