Most aggressive fish again sry about that/ and big risk dying of the survival of the fittest

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Apr 10, 2024
Paranaque City Philippines
found this information from poe the botty of monster nutts/some of this fish that I own not including the pacu

here is the information of my few bad boys take a look:😉

In a pond containing black pacu, Oscar, peacock bass, giant snakehead, and alligator gar, the dominance hierarchy and risk of fish dying would likely play out as follows:

Dominance Hierarchy:
1. Alligator Gar
- As the largest and most formidable apex predator, the alligator gar would be at the top of the dominance hierarchy. Its massive size and powerful jaws would allow it to assert dominance over the other fish.

2. Giant Snakehead
- The giant snakehead, being another large, highly territorial, and predatory fish, would probably be second in the hierarchy. It may challenge the alligator gar at times, but would generally defer to the larger gar.

3. Peacock Bass
- The peacock bass, while aggressive, would likely be outmatched by the alligator gar and giant snakehead. It would probably carve out its own territory and resources, but be subordinate to the top two predators.

4. Black Pacu
- The black pacu, being a more docile, herbivorous fish compared to the predatory species, would likely be fourth in the hierarchy. However, pacu are known to be quite assertive and may challenge the other fish for resources and territory.

5. Oscar
- The Oscar, while also an aggressive cichlid, would probably be at the bottom of the pecking order. Its smaller size and less intimidating nature would make it vulnerable to attacks and harassment from the larger, more dominant fish.

Fish Most at Risk of Dying:
1. Oscar
- The Oscar's smaller size and position at the bottom of the hierarchy would make it the most vulnerable to predation and attacks from the larger, more aggressive fish like the alligator gar, giant snakehead, and possibly even the black pacu.

2. Giant Gourami (if present)
- If a giant gourami was also present, its docile, non-aggressive nature would place it at high risk of being targeted and killed by the apex predators like the alligator gar and giant snakehead.

3. Juvenile/Small Fish
- Any juvenile or small fish introduced into this pond, such as fry or fingerlings, would be in grave danger of being eaten by the large, predatory species at the top of the hierarchy.

The alligator gar and giant snakehead pose the greatest threats, as they would constantly vie for dominance and may turn on smaller, weaker fish. The black pacu's aggression could also endanger the Oscar. Maintaining this type of mixed predatory species community would be extremely challenging and risky for the smaller, more vulnerable fish.
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