Moving to a bigger tank, need advice!!!

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Dec 1, 2008
I live in the Orlando Florida area
Well guys I want to make a move to a bigger tank. From a 125g to a 180g. Probably and most likely the biggest and final one for this lifetime! Actually, with the space I have in the room and a great opportunity at a lfs, ITS TIME!
I will be using some of the equipment from the old system like:

3- 250 mh radiums running galaxy ballasts
Plenty of super bright LED’s
6 Korallia power heads

The new tank will be 72x24x24, It will have 2 built-in over flows with a return from each.

The new sump is 4 feet in length with enough space for media and a possible sand bed. A Gen X pcx-100 will run the show.
I need some advice as to the following:

1. As far as the corals what do I need to watch out for when making the transfer?
a. How long can the corals be without lights?
b. How long can they remain in a vat with just water circulation?
c. While in the vat should I continue to run the ca reactor?

2. Water wise how much of the old water should I keep?
a. Do I need to add any additives like “good bacteria” ones when you cycle a tank for the 1st time?

2. I will be adding some more cured live rock,
a. How many lbs can I add without having to throw off water quality?
b. How soon will the next water change need to take place?

3. Do you guys feel that I should add the fish, live rock and then corals in that order?
Or will it not matter since I will be using enough water from the old system?

4. Is there a way to place the power heads to run in a certain pattern or should it run randomly?
Well this should be it for now. You guys can guide me on anything else I may have forgotten.
Thank you for your advice.:BIG:

They can be without light for awhile. People ship coral with no light and the coral is almost always alive, you get the idea? They will be fine with just water circulation for awhile. I doubt you will need to run a ca reactor when transferring. Use as much of the old water you can. Don't use bacteria in a bottle, waist of money IMO and your live rock and sand from the 125g harness all the bacteria you will need. I think you could easily get away with adding 50-80lbs. more live rock. I would do a 25% water change the next day (just what I would do). Add 1. live rock, 2. coral, and 3. fish. I would put them on the top back left and right corners and point the towards the surface aiming at the center so you get a V kind of flow.
Well if you could come to Florida I'd sell it to you fisheggs!
thominil I have 6 power heads should I use all of them? 2 seems to be not enough water circulation especially for sps's.

I plan to have made up water to use for each vat that the corals and live rock will be held. Probably a 75% old water to 25% new water. This way I get to use as much of the old water for the new tank.

I will tank this opportunity to add new fish that I have wanted to add but feared would not survive due to territorial fights with the existing fish.
I just went from a 55 to 120 2 days ago, I did the same thing about 75% old and 25% LFS supplied water. My readings havent changed, you should be good
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