Mr Aqua 25 gallon rimless cube

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The acrylic is white and from grainger..I made it to be backlit as it is in the master bedroom and I wanted ambient light.
It's been a while since my last update and there have been a few changes!

1: Ich! I found a great looking black clown (saddle) from Petco..along with it came ich. 8 weeks of fallow later it's time to slowly add fish.

2: Current Usa Orbit Marine Led. I read many reviews..some good, some bad. After seeing it light up a 29g bio cube I was sold. I am already seeing happier corals.

3: Hydor nano skimmer. Just added this last night..started seeing skim-mate in about an hour.

With the size of the hydor skimmer being larger than my aqua euro I had to add it to the middle chamber..this leaving one chamber empty that was build for my hydor. Perhaps a UV?

The entire tank not only runs better, but looks better as well. I will post pics and video this weekend to this thread.

Today I am heading to the LFS to look for zoa frags and a few mushrooms. Does anyone have advice on removing mushrooms from rocks and splitting them? I have quite a few that would look great if I were able to clone them..
I must say..the current usa orbit marine light is surprising me! I have seen my galaxia come back from near death and my frogspawn double in size in about a month.

I went fish-less for 8 weeks and 3 weeks ago added my first clown. I waited to weeks and added a bangei another week I may add a few green chromis or a six line wrasse.

Everyone is looking healthy! I do have a hospital tank now just incase.
It's been a while since my last update! I have added a few more pieces of coral and this light is not only sustaining them..when the hammers extend I can see more polyps growing has already split!

Just did a water change so all the coral is a little irritated right now..once they are back in their glory I will snap a photo. The orbit marine is definitely better than I expected!
Wow it's been a while since I updated! Will take a few pics this weekend, coral has exploded with growth

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My build started with a 25 mr. Aqua also. Nice to see another one in action! CPR aqua fugue fits perfectly on the back, and two marineland led reef lights have plenty of power to grow SPS. In fact they ended up overgrowing the tank.

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