For Sale: MTS(Malaysian Trumpet Snails)- San Jose-CA-95120-PU/SHIPPING!!!

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no need to float or anything;) please remove ASAP

they are in breather bags...and will die if they continue floating.....breather bags let co2 escape while O2 comes in:)

just don't float them...just dump em in the tank;) they are hardy:)

instructions for future purchasers:D

if in breather bags, DO NOT float...instead just transfer into another bag OR container and then acclimate however you want...i'd say just until temp. is same is fine;)

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Got mine yesterday. Wow they are tiny. Thank god I have an extra 10 gallon tank to let them grow out otherwise I'm sure they would have all been eaten last night.
btw, fish really won't eat those guys...they are super hardy and have hard shells...and they will go straight into the substrate;)


got 100s but am going to stop selling 2 weeks from now

I have a 55g FOWLR tank. How many of the snails would be recommended?

+1 with what Tcal said...but if you want to try...go for it...maybe keep a few(10 or so) in a glass jar in case things go wrong or you set up a tiny 5G tank for inverts or something?

i'd recommend 1 per gallon more or less 5

so between 50-60 would be fine
Shipping from now on is $7 flat rate as I got in breather bags!:D i was temp. out of stock, but have them again...thank you!

still got em

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