multiple breeding tank setup help needed

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May 24, 2012
hi guys im 24 years old and have kept fish qite a while . i want to build a breeding system i have 6 tanks at the moment which i bought few weeks ago but to be honest i dont have a clue how im going to plumb them all.. :(

i dont know how id do the pipework how big of a return pump will i need . has anyone got any simple to follow videos ?? i looked on youtube but there aint been one that shows you how to do this ?

i dont really want to run indiviual things for every tank like filters and heaters and whatever els is needed . im thinkin a sump and then 3 tanks tiered up above it with a return pump but i still aint sure on the pipework.

any help would be really good
You could drill and connect each onetime create a flow through filter
Drill, plumb (with valves), all to a drain line for easy water changes. Then run sponge filters in all the tanks driven by central air pump.
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