My 125 gallon build thread

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Jan 15, 2011
So here we go again!!!! This is what I plan on ordering this weekend.
125 aqueon megaflow reef ready aquarium
Aquatic life 72" 3w150 hid 4x39w t-5 with lunar light fixture
Trigger sump/refuge 36x16x15
30" aquatic life t-5 fuge light
Octopus extreme xs 200 cone skimmer
Two fishes 550 reactor
Reef fanatic auto top off controller
Sicce syncra 5 return pump
4-Sicce voyager 4 for flow
That is my equipment list and debating on a wave maker if you have any ideas. I am going to build the stand this weekend.
I guess I planned on it since my 90 has had phosphate issues and I plan on using my live rock in new tank.
Yes I have a water general 6 stage ro/di unit already. I plan on replacing all filters before I fill new aquatium
I would think using ro/di would decrease the chance for phosphates. But iof you wanna be prepared feel free. List looks like a good start.

The ONLY thing I would maybe think about is getting 250 MH instead of the 150's. More penetration and more light which would mean endless options for corals, clams and anything else you ever wanted. This is only the advice I received when I did my 125g this year. I ended up going with a 12 bulb T5 setup though as I couldnt quite afford the MH's and I was worried about the potential for heat.

When do you expect to have all your stuff? I'd love to see a picture of it all. :-D
Well I had a water issue coming into my Rodi unit is where I think it started. Now you have me second guessing my light choice dang it. The heat is why I thought go 150 watts plus the height of the tank is less than my 90 gallon and I have 250 watts on it.
Yeah, its give or take with the lighting. I'm sure an expert will come along, I'm just sharing what I was told. I was told the 150's would be a lateral move from my 12 bulb fixture so I passed on it. was said if they were 250's then yeah, it would be an upgrade.
i would not use that aquatic life fixture without PAR numbers. no one else in the industry these lamps. what are they anyway? xenon bulbs? i would have to see it in person and thoroughly examine it before i spent over a thousand dollars. also, on some of the reviews, folks were excited about being able to aim the spotlights. i find that to be a useless feature. you are going to place corals under the light, and you want consistent light throughout the display, not 3 spotlights.

i like the sicce protein skimmer pumps, but i have no experience with their larger pumps. i did have the opportunity to use a pair of the voyager 1's and i thought they were very cheaply made.
hydor makes a similar power head a bit cheaper. you might want to look at those. also, the seio power heads are good quality. they have the best magnets too. check those out.
Taam Seio P 1500 Prop Powerhead - AquaCave
Koralia EVOLUTION 1400 High Flow Power Head by Hydor - AquaCave

i also don't think you need to spend big money on a refugium light. home depot is where i would go for that, and it wouldn't cost more than 20 bucks.

just my 2 pennies.
Well I got the stand built today. My next question is what tank would you guys recommend. Perfecto cornerflow or aqueon megaflow. Thinking about a tunze wavebox so not sure which tank would accept the waves better


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sicce pumps are great. theyll save you money in the long run too. and that light fixture is great looking ive seen it in person. not sure about the par ratings though.
Update time! Went with the 125 gallon megaflow tank. Got my drain pan built for my stand to protect my floor from any small water problems. Went with the Hamilton Belize sun light 3x250 halide with t-5 and lunar. Also went with the vertex 180 skimmer in a trigger brand sump/fuge. Also picked up a apex jr controller. I am still debating on which brand auto top off to go with.


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Well the tank didn't make it so no plumbing this weekend. So instead I ran two dedicated power circuits to the new tank location and prewired 12 outlets for underneath the tank. Both power lines have on/off switches and will be on gfi breakers. PROTECTED!! Check


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Well I recieved 90% of my stuff today. And it's fate I have tomorrow off of work. Plenty of pics to come. Here is new tank on the stand. New trigger ruby sump with vertex 180 skimmer. Talk about a tight fit


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Thanks x. Well I started dry fitting my plumbing only to find out this megaflow tank has flex hose bulk heads. Looks like an early trip to lowes this morning


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Tank is now set and plumbing is hooked up. Ready for the new sand bed and some water.


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It's wonderful to be able to take my time and have it all planned out. Got a couple questions for everybody. Will it hurt to go ahead and put in the live sand and put 10 gallons of water in? Then switch tanks this weekend? Other question is should I fill my sump and run the skimmer for the week without the return pump running as a break in time
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