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Jchillin - Thanks for the input! Yeah the plant ID is still undetermined. I've been lax about getting better pictures up! So here some are:

Crypt or Anubias?


Crypt Balansae? (sp?) Spiralis? Something else?


What do we think?

Also, i went with a few more Neons and a few more Glolights They're drip-acclimating now :)
Thanks! That's what I thought too, the leaves and stalks seem sturdier than a Crypt wendtii. The other one, i believe, is some sort of crypt, it was labeled as "sprialis" at my lfs, but it's not, well, spirally so i'm not sure.
I'd say it's more jungle val than spiralis. Spiralis tends to have multiple curves while vals grow exactly like your pic.

First pic is definitely an anubias. I would suggest you pull it out of the substrate and tie the rhizome to a rock or driftwood.

Edit - I just noticed one of the leaves in the top pic is curled...spiralis it is.
Ah, perhaps then the Crypt wasn't mislabeled! I suppose I could have done this earlier, and i'm honestly not sure why i didn't think of it, but I just looked up pictures and it does indeed resemble Spiralis as opposed to Balansae which is what some people had suggested it might be. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the tip on the Anubias, however, it's growing and doing so well in the substrate I think I'll leave it where it is for now, but thanks!
sweet tank! i like the driftwood :) i think the colored gravel gives it a distinct look.
Thanks! It's always nice to get positive input! I really appreciate it! :)
Hmm....from those images it looks more like Frazeri to me, but I'm not sure. Consensus seems to be that it IS an anubias though, and not a Crypt Wendtii, right?
i really like the cabomba and wisteria. i need something to fill in the blank spots and make a jungle for my fish and im using your tank as an example :)
Hey thanks! I'm glad you like it! That's cool that you're using it as an example, glad i could help! :) Yeah, the Wisteria definitely makes an excellent jungle area for the fish to hide in, they LOVE it, the cabomba isn't flourishing as much in the dark corner, but it's also an excellent hiding place for the fish :)
i just got some wisteria, java fern, and crypts. i couldnt find any cabomba so i guess im gona have to order that. my red eyes seem to enjoy it so thats pretty sweet :)
Well, it was a sad night last night, I lost one of my female bettas :( I'm thinking it could have been the heat. I tried leaving the lights off for most of the day to try and keep the temp down, but it's just been SO hot recently. I discovered her pretty late last night, so tank parameter check will be the first thing I do when I get home, though ever since the addition of the Crushed Coral and the frequent water changes, the parameters have been quite stable. I hope it wasn't the addition of the crushed coral and subsequent raising of the pH, though i realize that's a possibility. I'd have to think that the drop from 7.2 down to 5 in less than 24hrs during bi-weekly water changes would have been more stressful though, and she's been doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone else is still happy and healthy when I get home...
Ok, my tank parameters have been nice and stable for over a week now. pH is running at a steady 7.2 (instead of under 6), my GH is stable at about 8, my KH is staying up around 2.5 (on the low side, i know), ammonia 0, nitrIte 0, nitrAte ~15. Aside from losing one of the female Bettas (who had no obvious signs of disease) everyone else is still happy and healthy. I added a trio of Otos at the end of last week to the tank to help rid the slower growing broad leaved plants (the 2 anubias species) of their bits of algae. They're all doing reallly well and they're super active! So that's fun and good. I'm going to leave well enough alone for a little longer I think, and then add some hardscape and do some minor plant rearranging once i've thoroughly scrubbed and soaked the rocks and wood i collected many projects! But everyone needs hobbies to stay sane I think
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