MY Coral Beauty Just Dide, Why He Dide?

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Salttanker said:
What type of water are you using? RO or tap? Some water, especially where I live is extremely hard, and does have a low pH. I use an RO system for mine, and my pH is balanced. 8.2 is where you want it.
Like justmy2cents said - Avoid the copper. Once you put it in, it is hard to get rid of.


I use tap water for my tanks my pink tip anemones are find but I gust you may right about low Ph. I been using buffer since my tank been setup and it's allways low. how much RO cost?
srgetz said:
you are using a tap water conditioner right?

yes I use conditioner you are right 3 of my pink tip was missing can seems to find them anywere I may just go back to fish only tank
today Iam going to try to post some pics for you guys to see maybe you guys know whats worng!!
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