My fish is laying on its side at the bottom of the please!!

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Jan 14, 2009
I have had a zebra eal and a yellow tank in my aquarium for 2-3 weeks and everything has been going great....I bought another tang about 6 hours ago (not a yellow tang some other type) and I walked in my room and the new tang that I bought was laying on its side at the bottom of the tank....I nudged it with a scooper and he got up and swam around....left him alont for 20 minutes and came back in and my yellow tang that I have had for a while was doing the same thing (laying on its side)....only way they will move is if I nudge them...this has been going on for the last hour

the eal seems fine but he is always lazy so it is hard to tell....

the new tang was swimming around at the fish store, with other fish in the tank, and they were both swimming around for 6 hours before this happened.....what is going on??
now it looks like the new tang has died and the yellow tang is struggling...I quaranteend the two tangs in seperate big bowls hoping the new one hasnt really died and hoping my old yellow tang will be fine....i left my eel in the aquarium since I have no real place to put him...

Should the store give me my money back on the fish and replace my yellow tang that is probably going to be passed tomorrow morning?
I'd say you will have a better chance of keeping your fish alive in your tank than in a bowl. What are your water paramaters. Have you had any other changes in you're system lately? How old old is your tank, how big?
Sounds like the new tang had a disease that took greater toll on it from strees and gave it to your yellow tang which yellow tangs get diseases easily im with jhampton yuou would have better chance of keeping him in the tank. How does the tangs apperence look can you describe it i have only had my yellow tang three days but in which time everyone has told me lots, my tang got black ich the day after i got it and i have already fixed that.
Well I put the two tangs in seperate large bowls....the new one died before I went to sleep...the yellow tang (old one) was struggling real bad but managed to hang on...I have put him back in the tank and he is just swimming around at the top of the water....but looks like he will be ok
Its a 90 gallon tank...should the fish store give me my money back on the other tang?
even if they should they wont they might just might if you take the fish and a water sample and it checks to thier standards then they may only give you a new fish and that fish may be at half price. but you may have a nicer pet store than mine
Most stores will not give yo a refund IME. Maybe your`s will. We need some water test results posted. Did you see a parasite on them? Looks like sugar granules on them.
How old is the tank? They could have been subjected to ammonia poisoning in the bowls if they were not properly cycled.
I agree, some water test results will help.
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