my marine sump design any good? i am newbie so any help will be much appreciated

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Sep 4, 2012
tonbridge, kent, england
im a newbie here and on keeping a marine aquarium. i use to have a 500 litre south american cichlid system but have now decided to clear out and change to marine. very excited and hugely interested but need a little help to get me started slowly very slowly :confused: i have decided to go for a small reef only system to start and then slowly introduce fish probably next year. i have sort of planned out a sump copying a few ideas off other people and come up with this the drawing is roughly a 3rd of actual size and proportions are roughly correct. can any one steer me in the right direction and correct any mistakes any help will be much appreciated.(y)


  • sump design.pdf
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Whoops lol I did attach aa pdf file but that obviosley doesent work will attach a new pic as soon as I get chance to convert on my laptop thanks for letting me know :facepalm:
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