My new Black Ribbon Eel and Sea Apple

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Mar 4, 2009
Saudi Arabia - Ras Tanura
Unfortunately the place I buy fish from is not really informative as to the characteristics of the fish thier selling me. I just found out on-line that the Sea Apple can be poisonous when distressed or dying. I am a novice aquarist and am concerned I may not notice signs of trouble. I am wondering when I do a water change if the change in salinity will cause dangerous levels of stress. I have 100gal. tank and do a 12gal water exchange every 2 weeks. The water is fairly salty as it comes from the persian gulf. Any advice out there.


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Make sure you're using fresh water, preferrably RO/DI, to top off your tank regularly. Do this as often as possible to replenish the level back to where it started, replacing water lost by evaporation. As long as you do that, there shouldn't be a big difference in salinity between the tank and the new water you're adding.

If you ever mix your own salt, you need to be more careful about that, but I think the Gulf is a big enough body of water that its salinity should change only slowly and seasonally, if at all.
Thanks for the info. Yes we top the tank daily with bottled water. I work away from home for 2 wks at a time and my wife is so nervous looking after the tank. In the online article it recomends expert Aquarist level for the Sea Apple which niether of us are. I wonder if I should just get rid of it to someone a little more experienced. Do you know if it would release enough poison to wipe out my tank. The fellow I bought it from had it for 10+ yrs and it came with fish over 6yrs old.
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