My new critters....... New pics 6/17/07

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Jul 24, 2005
Wenatchee, WA
Here's some new fish I got today......

My 55G: A dozen tiger barbs.....




My 5.5G Crypt/Java Fern tank: Male Beta





10G: Male Beta




What kind of camera do you have to take stills? Will it do video too? If not, oh well. That's a bit of a bummer. Take a lot of pictures really fast and it'll be like a video.
Well, no new barbs yet. They were almost out, but are getting a shipment in tomorrow. Hopefully I can get another dozen babies. They are so cool looking in their group. And now they are becoming attached to my large ones, lol.
I don't know if I'd really call it schooling. They are more of a group fish, they hang out in large tight groups, but don't really school like tetras do. But some do consider them a schooling fish.
Lonewolfblue said:
The barbs are about a half inch, not including the tail.
OMG, how cute...8O
So you will have 24 babies, and how many grown-ups do you have?

(Also, go Nikon!)
No, will have 27 babies and 7 adults. lol.

Went to Petco, and they still didn't have them in. Was suppoed to get a shipment today, but they still don't have any new ones, and there was nobody in the fish area to ask. I just stopped real quick, and didn't look for help. I'll be returning in a few days to see if they get any more tiger barbs. I got 12 babies, and will add 15 more. Will be a nice large group, lol. Would be adding more, but I think that's pushing the limit. And with my refinance almost complete, I may decide to go ahead and get the 300G wide. Still thinking on it, as I'll have plenty cash out and will have more than enough. But I want to make sure my projects that are priority go first. And it will be my Fire Eel tank, and will probably move my loaches, as well as get a bunch more, and my tiger barbs, and get more, lol. But it's all in the thinking, lol. Will be planted, low light, and no CO2. And 2 XP4's for filtration.
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