My Third Fish Keeps Dying???

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Sep 13, 2012
O I've been through 4 third fish?? I've have a scooter blenny that died then I got a orchard dottyback that died bc it wouldnt eat then I got a black nox angel that didn't eat and my maroon picked on it. Then I just bought a bangi cardinal fish that died today bc it wouldn't eat. Heeeelpp please and also there was like a month space inbetween each fish. I spent over 100 dollars on these fish.
What size tank what parameters and what are the other fish. By what you've givin us I'm assuming your tank is not of ideal size and your maroon clown is getting territorial picking on the others so they are scared to eat for fear he'll attack
It's a 29 gal and there a small maroon clown and a yellowtail blue damsel
Yeah. Those are 2 really mean fish haha. You will only get one to love in there with them if it can hold its own say another damsel?
I'm going to get rid of the yellow tail my maroon wasn't mean to my bangi cardinal at all didn't even touch him. And the only reason my maroon was mean to the nox angel is bc it was protecting its green bta but that's was right befor I switched to my 29 gal and I had my 10 gal the day I switched he died. So could I get another angel.
I wouldn't recommend any angel

In a 30 gal. And you'll probably still have problems because weather you see it or not I bet your maroon is or will get aggressive and territorial in a 29. I work at an lfs and we can't put anything but damsels, eels, inverts (sometimes) and wrasses (sometimes) in with maroons. Or the maroon picks on it till it dies
My lfs doesn't take returns wtf I'm down with salt water seriously wtf!!!!
Hmmmm...... Most lfs take returns. They'll only give you about half the price you payed for it at Max but they should take it.
So what should I do I see so many people with the perfect selection in a 29 angels are recommended for 30 and oboe was planning on my maroon a tiger goby a coral beauty angel and maybe another fish that's what I see everybody with 29 gals have. What should I sell my maroon and get 2 percula clowns?????? Idk anymore withe the fish selection my water is fine I have an anemone zoas and an Xenia frag that do perfectly fine !!!!
They don't take any returns what so ever they told me. They sold me my green bta with a hole in its foot and it died and they said nope no returns once you walk out the door it's yours.
That seems like a bad lfs... And you can stick it the way you've seen people have it. I just don't recommend it. I personally feel angels would be happier with a little more swim room. 40 gal is what I'd recommend
It's the only fish store around me besides petco and I refuse to go there that's we're I got my maroon from they wont take it back.
How does this sound

2 false percs
1 tiger goby
And Maybe an angel or dottyback of some sort
Yeah sounds good. I'd do the goby first then the clowns then the dotty back/ angel. And if you do a dotty back you could probably get away with another small fish fairly easily.
Ok but it's going to be hard for me to get rid of my maroon I've had him since the beginning. We're should I sell him on Craig's list?
What would you say if I kept my maroon? Also it stresses me out thinking about why my tank looks do ugly I can never get a good aqua scape with the crapy petco live rock I have three smaller pieces of it then I have these 5 other big pieces. Do you thinks my tank and aquascapeing look ok?
Sorry here's the pic


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I'd try to add more rock and try getting some more natural rock. And keeping the maroon you'd just have to have aggressive fish such as damsels. This is my tank. Try getting natural rock to make it look like it belongs in the ocean.


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Ok. I dont have the money for more rock right now but will a goby and the angel if I got one be ok. The goby will probly right.
With the maroon? Depends on if he can find a hiding spot before the maroon finds him. Otherwise chances are the maroon will pick on him
Ok but my tank is only 4 weeks old so the dead rock still basically dead so I will just get more rock and put it together somewhat like yours I also need a background.

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