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Sep 18, 2004
Corpus Christi, TX
This has probably already been covered somewhere...sorry if it's a repost.
I live less than 100 yards from Copano Bay in Texas and I work at a shrimp mariculture facility in Port Aransas, TX. I can get oceanic seawater (salinity 32-35 ppt) and bay seawater (salinity 25-30 ppt) from a variety of sources, including Copano Bay. If you could get filtered and polished natural seawater, would you use it in your aquarium as makeup water?
I would and do. I live in San Diego and good clean natural water source, but I used to live on Rockport, so know the water quality around there. I would be really careful that you pick the right source. Make sure it is clean, maybe have it tested.
A friend and fellow mariculturist at TAES suggested that I use 5 gallons of our makeup water for my weekly water changes. I know 5 gallons is a lot to change out at a time...I would probably do more like 3 in the 10-gal tank I have. Once I get my BIG tank, I will definitely use the water from TAES. It is polished and tested for pathogens and organic/inorganic contaminants on a weekly basis. I know this because I was doing the testing for a while.
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