Need Actinics that arent so BLUE!

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Apr 7, 2009
Culpeper, VA
Hello, I am looking at a replacement T5 bulb, thats not so BLUE.

The Actinics that came with my fixture are just TOO blue. The blue glow is a little overkill, and the tank is sort of near the living room, so there always a blue tint through the room.

My question is, what other lighting options are there that are good for the reef and good for not being so blue?

What I have:
2 x SlimPaq 10,000k
2 x 460nm Actinic

I was looking at the Giesemann Midday 6000k bulbs.

Thanks for any help!:D
Geissman makes a Pure Actinic bulb that is actually purple visibly. I quite like it, although I do mix it with a 'blue' actinic+ bulb as well.
Yeah im trying to get a good mix thats not so overpowering blue. WHats in there now is definitely that way. To me it makes the tank "blurry", maybe blue just doesnt work with my eyes :)
I don't use T5HO's but I often see these recommended for 4 bulb fixtures.
2 ATI Blue Plus, UVL 75/25 and an ATI Aquablue
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