Need help with a repair to a fish tank

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Jun 3, 2009
I found a fish tank that is 4 ft long 1ft wide and 2 ft tall. but the plastic that goes around the bottom and top of the tank is gone on 1 side and the back. Is there a repair kit I can buy to replace the plastic strip or what should I do. The people want $30 for the tank I was think more $20 being the strip is broke. And do you have an idea of what size it may be. Any help is greatful. Thanks
Welcome to AA for starters. What you have there is 55 gallon tank and a new frame can be purchased online, here is a link I found doing a quick google search - Tank Frames
they are selling both the top and bottom frame for 13 bucks. I would only give them 20 bucks for the tank tops. You have to consider that a new 55 gal tank only goes for around 120 dollars verse buying the new frame, removing the old frame without cracking the tank and you still don't know if it holds water. If your handy and careful I would say go for if not think about a new one or wait for better tank to come along. By the way, It's not a good idea to fill the tank that has both a broken top and bottom frame, the frames on these tanks help keep it together. Good luck and once again welcome to AA.
i called my local pet store to check on the repair and he said it would cost me about $20 to repair so i dont think that is to bad. i went to pick it up today and the lady is not home so maybe she will get there before i have to leave today i drove an hour yesterday to get this tank to find it was like this.
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