Need opinions on Value of my setup

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Feb 23, 2011
Deltona, Florida
So I am ready to sell my extra tanks. I am pretty good with the asking price for my biocube setup BUT have no idea really what I want to get from the 125g.
I plan on listing it on my reef club forum as well as craigslist in my two adjacent cities.

here is what i am selling, please tell me if you would buy it thinking it was a good deal or if I am asking too much.

125g 6 foot non drilled tank
CPR overflow with aqualifter pump. Dual one inch intakes (paid $149)
Eshopps R-200 refugium good for up to 200 gallon tank (Paid $250)
Rio HF 26f Return pump, 1500gph approx. (paid 120$)
One Koralia 1400 powerhead (Paid $50)
Aqeon Pro Heater 200watts (paid $35)
about 200 lbs of live rock ( rock costs about $4 a lb around here)
half a dozen filter socks (paid $15 each so 90$ there)

The tank has damage though, but it has been up for years so its not bad. The one brace on top is slightly curved in due to the previous owner melting it a bit with their metal halides.
Other than that the tank is in pretty good used condition. Some minor scratches on the front glass but you cant see them when the water is in the tank.

I was thinking of asking $400 for the tank and stuff. i also have a Nova extreme T5 12 bulb light that I have over it, I was thinking of about $250 or so for that. This light was $700 new. The light has upgraded ATI bulbs in it also.

So, am I coming in too low or just right? I guess I just need some reassurances i am not giving it away and also that it will sell, dont wanna be too high in price. LOL

Thanks peoples, please let me know soon so i can post this bad boy and free up some space in my house, I have 9 tanks up and running and its insane LOL
here is a so so picture of the setup. i added a ton of rock since so its full, I mean full of live rock

Almost forgot, I am also including a reef octopus nwb110 skimmer. rated to 135g.

That should make the setup worth even more I think.
I'd say you may be coming in a little low with all of those nice accessories, but I don't think you're to far off. If you're happy with getting 400 out of it, I'd say list it a little higher and let them talk you down to 400.
Not much help with pricing, but if you'd be happy with 400, I'd say offer it all at 600-700. If someone takes it at that, bonus for you. But that also lets the buyer try and negotiate down and they think they're getting a better deal.
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