Need some help with something funky looking.. Pics included

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hi. i stated my 24g aqua pod up some time last year and started with 16lbs of fiji live rock. its been up and running with out fish or coral. i just bough 18lbs of live rock today and putting it in now. but for the past few months i have been seeing this growth that dont look healthy lol mabey it is.. i dont know. its very hairy but has stuf coming out of it.. its only on 3 or 4 rock in the tank. so mabey it ok. u tell me.


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It is likely some form of algae, I would recommend some inverts to help keep it undre control. If that second pic is the same stuff, (I relaly cant tell, kinda fuzzy, almost to zoomed in), if the second pic is smooth and gel like, I would say it may actually be a sponge almost

There are 4 things that are that color actually, 3 of them I have in my tank, all three I have are good..kinda...but 1 of them I dont like in the main tank :/

1 is Coraline, it is all the colors on the rocks, comes in like 50 differant colors at that.
1 is sponges, they come in afew diff colors, I have seen white, clear, red, blue, green, and black
1 is MAcro algae, it is actaully not an algae, it is cyanobacteria I believe? has soe good and bad properties, I am tryint o get rid of the last of it in my tank atm. I have seen red and black
1 is hair algae type, I have seen red and green, as far as I annoying algae that has little to no benefit in a tank.
It looks like cynobacteria to me. Do a search on this site for some good info on how to get rid of it.
cool with all the rock i just got. i will brush it off with a brush and brake the rock down and add to my filter with the rest of the LR.. i realy did not know what it was. sounds kinda goofy to me too lol
I would not brush it off in the tank. Dip it in some prepared SW and clean it that way. Then return it to the tank. The rock itself looks far too good to break into LR rubble. I would leave it in the main.
wont it just keep comin back? and would hermits be on in my filter area with out a light. my aqua pod dont give off light in the filter area? i was thinking about mabey 3 or 4 hermist and 2 snails
It will keep coming back unless you find the source. In most tanks, excess nutrients is a major contributor. NO3 and PO4 can be culprits. With some work, it can be beaten.
i use the real ocean water that i buy from my LFS every week. just because i dont have the space for a RODI unit or tubs of premixed salt water, i do 5g ater changes every friday. the stuff i buy says nitrate and Phospate free and a PH of 8.3. its a pretty cool set up they got. its 5 gallons of ocean water in a box. :) just pour in.. no mixing. i dont know if u seen it befor so i tryed to describe it the best i can. will that be ok for my future reef tank?
I have een the ocean in a box stuff but have not had the opportunity to "play" with it. I suggest getting a NO3 and PO4 test kit and testing the water to be sure. Also, the water is sealed for a long eriod of time. I would put it in a 5gal buck with a heater and small powerhead for 24hrs before adding it to the tank. Also...what is your feeding schedule?
lol i dont have anything to feed. i have no fish or coral. just a 24g tank and a maxi jet power head, filter 150watt heater and 34#'s of fiji LR.. should i still feed? o by the way i do have hermits and snails sorry. but they got the plate full with the new rock i put in there lol
You still should feed a small touch of flake or even live brine shrimp, something to keep the tank going
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