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Feb 1, 2008
So ive been having soms major swings on ph during the night time that i would like to close the gap on. I know ph dips over night but its a huge swing. From 8.1 during the day to 7.6 at night.
And im mot sure what i need to do to make it closer.

Here are my params:
Mag 1350
Alk 9.4
Cal 410
Salt 1.025
Phos 0.03

Bounce shroom

Just one blue green chromis

Dosing 20ml a day thru apex dos of cal and alk
I have a co2 scrubber as well
I have a bubble magnus curve 5 skimmer
Wavs for powerheads
Running gfo and carbon on reactor

Any clues?
8.1 during the day to 7.6 at night isn't bad at all ,
my ph drops almost 2 point down to about 6.0 in the evening in the winter , now summer time when the windows are open I can maintain a consistent level day and night .
there's nothing to be concerned about it's normal
just like I've seen ph with a tank with a glass top to be lower than a tank with a open top which would be slightly higher.
Ph is all about CO2 exchange. Plants slow their role during hours where there is no light. Which is why having a refugium or ATS running an opposite light schedule will stabilize ph. If you create more water movement, you bring more oxygen into the water and brings CO2 out.
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