need to know what fish can go in

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Jan 29, 2012
I just got this fish tank and need to know what fish can go in, please help!
Here is my tank it is 35gal I think
Yes this is saltwater, I'm gonna pick up some fish later today, maybe some clowns and maybe a baby blue tang.
Okay no tang, any other suggestions? I'm on my way to the fish store
Is it cycled? You should research the fish you want before getting them, rather than on the way to the LFS.
in my 20g I have a pair of clowns a ywg and 2 skunk cleaners my bio load is fine..stock slow and check levels.
+1^..I am confused is everyone offering advice for his first fish or? if it is indeed a 35gal he has a little more to choose from then a goby lol
I just offered a goby pistol pair because it is in my opinion the most interesting relationship in the sea.
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