New 125 Gallon Setup

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May 6, 2024
Houston Tx
Finally finished cycling this monster and got it somewhat scapaed added fish yesterday. The picture however was before fish I'll try to add some pictures as the rock scape develops and the plants go in. Just trying to let the fish settle a bit before changing things up too much. As it is my Oscars are already mad at me for the change in living arrangements. "How do I know you ask" because they always meet me at the top of the tank when I come by but for now they look at me and swim to the furthest point aways from mee and sit in the corner and stare LOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: and adding new tank mates didn't help matters any either. The tank mates that I added were 8 Silver Dollars and 4 Red Hump Geophagus Dont even get me to try to spell the technical name 😆. Next project is to turn my 75 gallon into an Mbuna tank. Picture also attached before I transfered the oscars out when they liked me.

My 125 work in progress ....


My 75 Gallon soon to be Revamped .........
Im sure Cracker my albino Oscar will probably be the first to come around. As of now they aren't super hungry because I had about 20 Ruby reds in the tank to help finish the cycle off well as of this morning there was only about 10 in the tank. I also expect for there to be less than 10 when I get home so it may be a few days before they are hungry again or at least hungry enough to eat the food I am feeding.
Just looked at the price for those they are a little spendy for my taste. Don't get me wrong they look amazing but if I told my wife I was spending 1K on a background for a tank I think she would shoot me at best!!
Well it didnt take as long they came around pretty quickly after adding some blood worms and brine shrimp to the tank. Now my oscars are happy and friendly again.
Yes they are suckers for food bribes!! Also added some plants to my 125 to kinda liven it up and maybe help with the nitrates kinda doubt there is enough plant life to help but they look good in there.13021.jpeg
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