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Tacit Blues

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Sep 14, 2014
Western Colorado
Hi all. Gosh, it’s been a while. Pretty sure having two kids takes three times as much time as one kid. But slowly slowly I’ve been accumulating the parts pieces and motivation to replace my 6 gallon Fluval Edge tank that was in the bedroom with a 20 gallon that I traded for some plants with AutumnSky like, 2 years ago.

I took pretty much all the stuff out of the edge and added some black sand to build up the substrate, and got a new Fluval U1 filter for it. Since it’s in the bedroom I wanted it to be quieter than the Edge’s HOB filter. After much deliberation I got some shrimp from the LFS after if had been set up for a couple weeks.

So here’s a little video of where it stands now:

And I’ve got some more plans for it. Stay tuned.
So I ordered some juvenile “Key Lime” Endler’s (supposedly N Class, but line bred) and they came in a little bit battered from shipping but they seem to be bouncing back pretty good.

They are like little hyperactive puppies, really hard to get a good shot of them!

Since they were in the box for 5 days and I lost a couple of the really little ones, I did a round of Maracyn on them, and then there was some weird poop so I went ahead and am finishing up a round of Paracleanse. Probably paranoid but they’re kinda a grail fish for me so I want them to start out good. So far the shrimp seem totally unaffected, and in fact there’s a berried female now.

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