New 72g SW hookup - pumps?

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Mar 31, 2004
Accokeek, Maryland
Helping a friend of mine put together a 72g drilled reef tank. Gonna make the existing pumps into backups and get all new pumps.

Before - main return Pondmaster 700 gph

Thinking of doing a Mag 9.5 this time.

Before - Top Fathom 100A skimmer, Rio 2100/692 gph

Thinking of doing the Mag 7 to the skimmer this time. Probably run a Mag 7 on the 15W Aquatics UV (Aquatics Q15IL)

Increasing the main return a bit is good, I'm thinking. With the head height, the Mag 9.5 is gonna be around 700-800 gph anyway, right? 10x for a 72g.

Any input?
Everything checks out to me. I read up on the skimmer and everything recommended a mag7 sized pump.
Ive been happy with my mags so I feel good agreeing with the choice.

Used them on CL's, returns, and skimmers.
Ditto on the Mag 9.5, only downfall with the larger mag pumps is slight heat transfer of a couple of degrees (if in the water but almost none if plumbed out) but for it's reliability and performance it's worth it IMO.

Is the 72 dual overflow? Do you know the rated gph it can handle?

Big Al's has that UV on sale for $109 and I also noticed max flow is 450 gph for it. The Mag 7 may be too powerful for it to be effective.
The 72g is a single overflow. Problem? Basement tank, so the couple degrees should work out OK on the in-sump install.

450 max on the UV, huh? May shoot for about 400 or so. Mag 5 equiv? Being ithe UV'll be mounted above the sump, the pump pumping up to it. W/head loss, getting the 400-450 - - - sound about right?
Single overflows are typically rated at 600 GPH, is this true with this tank also? The Mag 9.5 could still work but may be overkill with 800 gph with a 4 ft head. You would just have to T off the return to have some go back to the sump if the overflow can't handle the gph.

Mag 5 should be fine assuming a 1-2 ft head loss for the UV.
I would double check the GPH on the overflow. I have a 72g bow, mine is not drilled I did put a dual overflow on mine (1200gpg) I'm not even close to that on my return. I think I would still go with the 9.5 and tee it off.
I went with the 7's on the main and skimmer. Then did the Mag 3 on the UV to keep it slower. Will only recommend he use the UV only for a week or two after new fish additions.
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