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Apr 10, 2013
Hershey, PA
Greeting all! Great site, my son and I have just started our first saltwater reef aquarium. 100 gal tank and 30 gal refugium. Tank cycled for about 5 weeks with live sand and live rock. First fish added 4/6/13. 6 yellow tail damsels. So far things are looking good. One fish being a bully and has nipped the tail fin off of one of the smaller damsels.
Welcome to AA, glad you found us. You'll find those damsels will do that to every fish housed with them. Pretty fish but they have a very nasty disposition.
I am finding that out. The folks at That Fish Place suggested the damsels as the first fish to the tank, was going back and forth between the damsels and clown fish
99% of the people on this forum will tell you to get them out and take them back to the store. They are nasty little buggers. You'll play heck catching them but for the health of any fish you put in with them, It's worth it.
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