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Mar 6, 2022
Souther California
I just bought a 150 tank that was already drilled with 1.5 inch holes( during a well deserved newbie moment) not realizing it was for 1 inch bulkheads. So no I am planning on how to plumb this for a 55 gallon sump and maybe a diy canister filter. I have 4 drilled holes on the back of the aquarium and one in a weir on the floor of the tank. My goal is a South Americian cichlid tank with g.topajos and electric blue alarms wit congo tetras.


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My biggest questions is how to plumb the drains and the returns. I am thinking 3 for drains and two for re turns or three for drains one emergency drain and one return. These are all one inch bulkheads. I am also confused on how to plumb the lower holes on the back wall of aquarium. Finally I was planning another big tank [135 gallon] aquarium as a sump with 3 feet of it being an refugium/grow out tank. This last tank was a free on the side of the road addition.


This is the back of tank from side. Two different angles. There is a weir in between the two center drains that empties into the bottom of the tank.
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