New Black lionfish!

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your not supose to feed them every day.. i do.. and thats to protect everything else in the tank.. mine will wait at the top of the tank looking up when he sees me.. he knows where his food comes from. as long as you mix up his diet, he seems pleased. i have a damsal, tang, black clown fish, now a maroon clown.. anthist and a lawnmower blenny in there.. and he pays them no attention.
So......."what' is it that you feed him....and what kinda variety often do you change things up.Basically I'm intrested in your whole formula.(Its likely that my infatuation w/them will be the undoing of all of this planning and rebuilding....(snik)...I think that they are just about the most majestic...awesome things I've ever seen...and NO MATTER WHAT it takes....have every intention to have at least one...if possible.)(do they mess with crabs or snails etc?)
I go to the store and get uncooked/uncleaned shrimp with the tail and head removed. it was 5 bucks for 200 pieces in the bag. im still using that bag from a month ago lol. muscles in a pretty much same fashion of packaging.. and silversides from the lfs. ill throw them in a cup with tank water in it. from there i just feed him lol

and i have 6 turbo snails and 5 hermit crabs in the tank.. i just counted and still have all of them also lol
Thank you for the input !! I belive that I can see a lion on the horizon for my future.....Providing that at the time of purchase there are still some of the smaller ones AVAILABLE that I'd recently seen at the lfs.
...'Will post photos when the event happens.(I'll letcha know personally K ? )
Nice love the Lion Fish. here is a pic of mine had him for about 2 1/2 years. Love to watch them eat. Once a week ghost shrimp or a couple feeders. The live food is cool to watch him take them out. other than that he eats krill and sliversides. and every now and then for a steak dinner I will buy him a Damsel or two to take out. It is unreal how fast they hoover and strike, fast swimmers too. I also feed mine just about every day or every other day to keep him happy. Have fun with him!!


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yeah just the tips of them. I think it is because they are getting bigger.
in the uk, ive been told id need a 200gallon tank for a lion fish, considering you have it in a 29 gallon and eventually a 55 gallon tank, how do you get away with this, will you sell t on when it gets to big

and what fish do you hope to keep with it

I have mine in a 125 gal and he just keep growing and has plenty of room to swim. He started of in a 50 gal.


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mine also is in a 125 gallon. the key to raising one.. isnt throwing him in a huge tank first off. i couldnt. i kept finding deals on tanks right before he outgrew the last one lol. he went from a 29 to the 55.. to the 125 within a matter of 8 months. so
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