new coral growth?

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Jul 15, 2003
San Jose ,CA
Finally something is growing out of my live rock. Aside from the hundreds of little brown worms (peanut?) and minature (1 cm)retracting flower looking things I have not seen anything too exciting growing out of the live rock . This morning I noticed some growth coming from a "dead" coral skeleton. For now they are no more than 1 mm high and growing from scattered areas on this skeletal area. They are neon green in color. Funny, but I get more a kick out of the critters on the live rock than from the fish. Anyway I have had this tank up now for almost 2 months and things look great. Still need to bring my nitrates down( currently about 10ppm) before I introduce any hardy corals. I will try to take a picture of this growth but I dont know if it would come out clear enough for an ID.
Is this it?


Caryophyllia smithii - a type of cup coral.
I hope so.
How big is that?
How many do you have?
Are they clustered together?
What I am seeing is quite small and in several patches. Kind of suprises me because I have moderate lighting
(130w for 55 gal )

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