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Oct 18, 2002
Setting up a new reef tank just was not enough. Had to set up a new discus tank at the same time. To bad the kids won't be getting anything for Christmas now. Anyone else around here kept discus. They are such awesome fish, rivaling even the SW fishies.

Anyways, if anybody has got any advice, let me know. I'll post some pics of the Discus and the Reef when I can figure out how to get a picture that looks decent. All the ones I've taken so far have been to dark for posting.
Re: Discus

Hi, :D I have kept ,bread, and raised Discus. What a great fish, not as difficult as most people make out ,as long as you provide the right environment!. Keep us posted!
I have a Discus tank...I have to agree, great fish, not as hard as people would like you to believe. My tank has a Blue Cobalt, Red Dragon and a Turquoise, along with 2 giant angels and a Silver dollar.

Hmm..maybe I should call it my "flat fish" tank.
Discus Tank

I had a Discus tank for a few years had a pair of pigeon bloods and colbolt blues with a bunch of different tetras and catfish. I also Kept a lot of live plants in their.

When I first got my discuss as juvenilles I feed them live tubifex worms and that seemed to bulk them up a bunch and increase their growth rate. The tetra loved the live worms also and got pretty good sizes for tetras.

Not sure if that is the best source of food for the Discus, would love to hear others opinions of that.

Also, if you are in to keeping live plants, I used leaf zone in my tank, which is an iron supplement and it worked great, my plants were growing like crazy after a couple of months.

Tubifex are a great source of food for packing on bulk and lots of people use them. The down side is that most sources are not very clean and come with disease that can kill your fish. Please dont take me wrong. If you can find a clean reliable source then by all means use them! :lol:

Thanks for the tip Murphy. :D When I had my Discus tank, I use to work at a Pet Store and worked on the day that we received fresh shipments of tubifex and blackworms, so I was able to get them pretty fresh.

I had my Discus tank up and running for over year and looking great when it crashed on me all of a sudden. I lost a lot of my tetras and a pair of my super reds. I always wonder if the there was a build of worms within the tank that contaminated it and spread a disease. I did regular water changes and constantly checked my water chemistry, but was not sure.

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