New ETSS 600 Skimmer

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May 26, 2004
Poughkeepsie, NY
Well I just got a new(used) skimmer from a reefer getting out of the hobby....
I though I would be able to some how get it hooked up on my 125 reef so I could upgrade the reef devil I have.
I did not realize how big the ETSS 600 is and it will not work under my stand the way I want without taking out my fuge and moving that to the other side of the sump and taking my auto top off set up out all together. :cry: :cry:

I new have a 8 month old skimmer with no home.... I will be setting up a 90 fowlr and I could use it on that but its a little over kill......

WOW! seaham358.. unbeliveable!

I started reading thinking I could give you some ideas on how to use with your 125 but it sounds like would take using it remotely. I don't know if you would be intrested in doing that.
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