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Feb 11, 2014
Hello all. I have a 10 gallon tank with 3 guppies and 1 beta. I'm having so much trouble keeping the levels good :( my nitrite level is 3.0 and ammonia is 10. I did a 50% water change and added salt to the water. I also changed the filter. My blue guppy tail looks like it starting break apart. Any advise? I use tap well water to fill my tank. Should I buy some bottled water?

Thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome to AA!!

How long has this tank been set up? Did you cycle it before adding fish? And what do you mean by 'changed the filter'? Despite what the instructions are regarding cleaning the filter, cartridges should never be replaced, or it will result in another mini cycle.

I got it for Christmas and ran it for 2 weeks with out fish it in. It's been running for about 5 weeks with fish.

I took a sample of water to the pet store and they suggested I replace the carbon filter with a " home made " type one ( best way I can describe it) I mixed carbon and ammonia neutralizing blend and replaced the original filter.

Not sure what else to do?
I was also afraid the beta would nip the guppies. He never swims near the guppies and doesn't seems intimidated by them.
I would read up on the nitrogen cycle so you have a firm understanding of how that works. I do not change any of my media. Carbon is good for removing leftover medication, but I don't think it has much use otherwise. Once a month I swish my filter cartridges in dirty tank water while doing a water change. Thats really all you need to do.

Also, it is true that male guppies and bettas are usually not recommended to be together. Some Bettas can view the flashy tails of the male as another male betta--they will nip. Mine lives rarer peaceably with a bland looking female guppy.

I would be super consistent with your water changes and be sure to avoid over feeding at this point.
Is there a link in this form about the nitrogen cycle?
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