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Apr 2, 2006
College Station, Texas
Hey everyone, my name's Hannah. I'm from Dallas, Texas, and I've been getting into aquariums pretty seriously the last few months. Before 2005, I'd only ever had betta fish (though I was--and still am--an avid betta keeper), which all changed upon being given a black ghost knife and a clown loach (both juveniles) for Valentine's of 2005. They each got their own 10 gallon tank, and the clown loach was soon joined by two fellows, though they were all three unfortunately lost during an Ich outbreak in December, leaving me with only the ghost knife and an assortment of bettas. Lately I've been getting seriously ready for moving on to bigger and better tanks and figured I should find a good community of the fish-wise, since my years of betta-keeping have left me largely out of the loop on filtration this and big tank that, thus my new presence here.

Right now I currently have:

a 10 gallon tank, hang-on filter, unplanted, with a ghost knife around about 6" in length (his growing self is the reason I'm about to get a bigger tank),

a 10 gallon tank, floating plants, undergravel filter, divided into three parts, each with a betta,

a 3 gallon hexagonal tank with a betta,

a 2 gallon hexagonal tank with a Really Big Tadpole (I got him free from the LPS after enquiring as to why they had a tadpole in their feeder tank--apparently this is a semi-common occurence),

and 3 other bowls of varying sizes, all with bettas.

I'm also currently a senior in high school and soon-to-be student at Texas A&M University, though this will have little affect on my fish-keeping lifestyle.

Anyways, it's nice to find a good community I can turn to for advice and support. I hope this has been a fair attempt at introducing myself...

Welcome to AA! Glad to have you as a member here and looking forward to your posts, and of course pics of your tanks.
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