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Mar 24, 2016
Hello All! I just started my journey in the aquarium world and I have so many questions!
When I bought my fish (A week ago) I went to Meijer (Eekk) The guy had NO idea what he was doing. Well I bought a 10 Gallon Tank. (Included with heater, pump, and a few other things.) Then wanted two Tetra fish and a Gold mystery snail. I didn't really notice much about the fish until later.. I got home and followed all of the paper instructions. Cleaned everything, got the water ready and a good temperature. I didn't know I was suppose to wait and cycle the tank? ( I have seen a few posts stating I should have?) So I just threw them all in. I thought the Snail was sick and moved him to a smaller tank and he ended up passing... :( So now I have two fish. Well these "tetra" fish, have these markings on them that look like Mickey Mouse. So I am thinking he actually sold me Mickey mouse platy.? Well the tank is getting pretty cloudy and I have noticed a few clear cobweb like strings along the bottom. Does it need cleaned? Also what all do I need to clean my tank? I know I should go buy a gravel vacuum. But do I need conditioner, sponges, etc? Also a test kit for levels? Sorry if these are crazy-newbie questions. I am so new to this and feel bad for jumping into this without really researching!! Any and ALL advice is welcome and appreciated! Thanks all!!! <3
Yes, you should have cycled your tank first. Usually takes 2 to 4 weeks before bacteria builds up to help control nitrites, etc. But, since you have fish in it already, the best think to do is wait a week or so and see what happens with your water quality. How long has it been running now?
The cobweb-like strings could be several things, including algae. I'm going to assume that you're using an urban water supply, complete with chlorine and other chemicals. Did you add a chlorine remover or other conditioner?
As for the fish, I doubt anyone can identify them with out a pic, but there are numerous sources for pics online, including this site. There are more types of tetras than I can name though, so who knows.
Either way, it seems the seller was horribly remiss when you bought the tank and fish. He should've given you much more info. Trying to make a quick sale, I guess.
All you need to clean your tank is a gravel vacuum. Vac the gravel and change 1/3 of the water every 2 weeks or so, after it becomes established; more often if you add more fish. Wash your filter media in your dirty tank water when you do a water change. Don't wash in clean water as that will deplete any good bacteria living in it. A conditioner with every water change shouldn't be necessary once the tank is established, but won't hurt anything either.
If you do indeed have tetras, they usually prefer a larger group; 5 at least. If you have platies, and have both sexes, or if you have an already pregnant female, your tank will be full of fry soon enough.
They have been in the tank a week tomorrow. Yes, the tank came with a packet of "AquaSafe- dechlorinates and conditions."
I will add a picture. Not the best, since they move fast. I only have two, I believe they are Male. They have a pointy fin, instead of the triangle shape.


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LOL. Yup, definitely Mickey Mouse Platies, and they look to both be male from what I can tell in the pic. On the bright side, platies will breed with swordtails if you want to try some color combinations. On the down side, a 10g tank really isn't big enough for more than 4 or 5 platies or swords. The person who sold them to you: dis he/she work at a chain pet store like Petsmart or Petco, or a Local Fish Store (LFS)? Either way, I would probably find another store to buy fish in the future, or at least another salesperson.
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