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Mar 7, 2012
Moved so decided to set up a new tank... Ive been without a reef for around a year now. So it is time! Im trying to decide on a light. Right now it has a beamswork reef bright LED, but I don't like it lol.... wanted to get something to possibly hang? Would this light work? If so, do I only need 1? Or how many do you guys suggest?

Tank is a marineland 27 gallon cube.

16 pounds dry rock

1.5 pounds real reef rock (will be adding about 10 more pounds soon)

Tank is currently cycling with shrimp.
That light will most likely grow corals. I use a version of that that is all red to grow algae in my algae turf scrubber. I would guess it would be fine over a 2 ft long tank, but not sure what kind of corals you'd be able to keep under it.
May I ask what is 'wrong' with the current light? The one you are showing looks like it is going to be really blue.
Ok. Always wanted to make sure. Sometimes people don't like the color that the lights put over the tank and wanted to make sure that you weren't replacing a blue with that would give off the same color if it wasn't to your liking.

This is how it looks right now.... doesn't seem very bright, but I'm thinking it may just be me
Well, hard to gauge anything with lighting without a it PAR or PUR. Have you contacted the company about the 'flickering'?

Total side note, if you move one of the powerheads down on the wall some and point it up, you will not only help create a more chaotic flow pattern, but will also create surface agitation to help with CO2 exchange.
I've replaced the smeller koralia with another aquatop 660 gph pump... is 2 of these too much? Or would you just arrange them like you said above?
Well, for a reef tank you want to aim for 10-50x turnover of the water column, so you are probably nearing the top end of that depending on the size of the other pump. I would have one aimed up either way so one isn't blowing directly on any future corals or anything like that.
Those lights work very good I have two over my 40 breeder and I haven't had any problems with growing anything
So the light seems pretty bright (compared to my husbands african cichlids tank across the room), so I think I'll stick with it for as long as it lasts.... for now it's back to the ever long cycle lol
Found a local guy taking down his tank and got some live rock for free!! Used it to build up more against the back wall. (I didn't like the island shape) so far tank is doing great and the few soft corals the guy gave me are opened up and looking great!! I also had to take a blue damsel he had, which is also doing good. I'll get that guy out later. Only other option the guy had was to flush it!
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