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Mar 21, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA
Good afternoon and happy Friday to all.

I've used this board for most of this year getting good information on my 29g tank which I got for Christmas. After a lot of trial and error, I think I have a fairly stable tank. It only took 7 months and $XXXX lol

So, at the moment, I have:

4 Silver Tip Tetras
4 Blue Columbian Tetras
3 Julii Cory Cats
1 Panda Garra

29g Glass tank
Flourescent Lights
Aqueon Quiet Flow 20
Air pump w/ 2 outlets (one to a bar, other to a disc).
Heater (have to check specs, but know it is within parameters)

I also have a 18g T that I will be looking to bring back to life after sitting empty for a number of years. I'm hoping to upgrade the 29's filtration, and use the Aqueon for the 18.

I have questions about compatability for the blues, as I've had problems getting to this point (apparently, Von Rio's aren't a good choice, and Pearl Gouramis can't take a beating :(). But I think I'll save all that for a seperate post.

Anywho.... Howdy!
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