New Light Fixture?

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Sep 9, 2008
My JEBO R331's light bulb has worn out for quite some time now. Since I don't use the filter that is built-in, I have the option of replacing the light fixture complete. Here's what I could do.

1) Replace the top with a glass canopy (it'll have to be custom built) and purchase a new light fixture. Since, it's a freshwater tank that won't be planted, I am not so much worried about the wattage.

2) Replace the top with an open surface, clamp on light.

3) Replace the Bulb (8W) by purchasing it online. I took a look at the top this morning and couldn't figure out how to remove the glass cover. Can someone help me?

Which option seems best? #3 by far will be the most inexpensive. Also for aesthetic reasons, #3 wins by far. I just wanted to post this online to see what you guys thought.

Any comments?
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