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Aug 25, 2013
Hello all,
Im not so much new to the aquarium/ terrarium thing but I am new to threads and forums.
I just acquired 3, what were told to me as being apple crabs. I cant find anything about them, but they do look like vampire crabs. Really I just want tips and tricks on how to care for them. And why would one want to make snot bubbles.


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Whats brackish water? They have a shallow swimming pond.
what do you keep them with? brackish is between fresh and salt water. they will do good with a specific gravity of 1.010. they are often sold as freshwater crabs, but they do much better in brackish

edit: they do much better in half filled aquariums with spots for them to climb out, than they do in hermit crab setups
I have 1 male 2 females in a 20 gallon aquarium. I just checked to make sure. Its kinda the same set up as a hermit crab would have with a moist coconut husk type floor.
they should be just fine in your setup, but i would look into some salt and a hydrometer to fill their bowl with brackish water. they need the minerals in saltwater to help them molt their shells
Going to go out today and pick up the salt mix stuff from the pet store. I know they there happy cause they will pick the shrinp bits from my hand to eat, but because my daughter bought them I do want them to survive. :)
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