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Jun 13, 2012
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the hobby but super addicted already. I have 3 tanks so far, a 20 gal planted FW Tank with mollies, java fern and a few small swords; a 46 bow front that houses my tiger Oscar and my jack dempsey; and my 90 gal that is a work in progress. The 90 has a fun story behind it, a friend bought it years ago before moving and never had a place to set it up, I got it for free (just pick it up so I can reclaim my closet) were the Currently it's set up with about 10 mixed African Cichlids,a couple of peacocks and a jaguar cat. I picked up some huge pieces of Texas Holley rock for it from a quarry here that sells it for .10 a pound.... I really enjoy these tanks but am really eager to get into a salt water reef tank. The wife says I have to wait until after we get a house, I suppose that's a good idea. I'll have to be patient for now but hopefully soon I can upgrade the Oscar tank and use the bow for my first reef. :)
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