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Oct 7, 2013
Mount Union, PA
Hi I am a new member and glad to be here to learn more about fish keeping, I started a pond in march of this year with koi and goldfish, I got a 55 gallon tank to keep my goldfish and 2 koi for this winter. I also have 2, 10 gallon tanks for the baby fish I got from my pond this year! :)I am so enjoying keeping these fish!

Hi Im Sunny, I'm keen to further my knowledge about Aquarium life and am currently happy to have been accepted into this forum. My interest is also in the design of tanks and new tech developments, a aquarium geek in a way. I had goldfish and a few frogs but currently have nothing.

Sounds like you have a large setup Jonk, Nice!
My advise is filter the water in the 55gal as much as possible without making the fish uncomfortable. The bioload from the fish is huge and that goes for the little guys as well. I would make sure the filter turns over the water 3-4 times per hour. You never said how big the fish were so I'm guessing at least 6-8". Don't know the size and depth of the pond, but you may have been able to leave the fish outside. 3'-4' depth is necessary to prevent freezing them in winter. I'd add air although I hear it is not necessary.

Don't know your living situation, but if you have a place to set it up I'd buy a stock tank from a feed store say 110-175gal and set it up in the basement next winter. Just put some cinder blocks under it. The tank will likely cost around $50-$100 depending on size. I use stock tanks to raise all kinds of fish in summer outdoors. I have a few goldfish and this is likely the last winter they can come in the fishroom. Next year they are outside as they are getting just too large.
Welcome! I'm a newbie as well! Lots of great, knowledgeable people here to help ya! :)
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