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Nov 21, 2013
Hello all :)

Glad to have found a forum where people are really into this craft and who actively help each other - old and new!

We (Fishy Bites) and I have just set up a new tank - I used to keep fish in the past until I got disillusioned (biOrb) and killed far too many fish than I'd have liked to - and then we unearthed a brand new tank I'd been planning for and decided to give it a go!

52 litres, tropical fish (peaceful community) and we began cycling the tank sans fish (yayyy!)
All ready - this weekend TODAY we have our teensy shoal of neon tetras! Fabulous! Don't know what kept us away for this long!!

Picture of tank to come (if we can work out which buttons to press to show you ) - it's natural substrate, gravel and real plants - looking lovely EXCEPT that there are fronds of algae and jelly-like slime - is that natural? Is that the bogwood? (we soaked and rinsed like mad!)

Obviously we'll be keeping an eye on the water chemistry and the condition of the fish but any advice/hints/tips would be gratefully received!

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