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Mar 5, 2008
Staten Island, NY
I just ordered a hydor koralia 3 for my 30 gallon long. it is rated 850. is this too much flow for my tank? i was going to point it at the glass and toward the return pumps flow.
You will find those have a cone shaped gentle flow. Is this for SW or FW?
You will have to doublecheck your coral's flow needs and choose accordingly.
That's a lot of flow for a 30. I have two in my 125 (plus others). Two Koralia 2's might be a better choice for chaotic flow.
Two might be better also because you can point one to the surface for good surface aggitation. This will improve PH and aeration.
I received the head today and put it in. I honestly can't tell if It is too much flow. It is pumping it out but its not as strong as I expected. My clowns looks like they have to work a little harder, but I can't tell if that is annoying them or if they like it. I'm adding chromis on friday and we'll see how they react. If it pisses them off I might go with the 2 koralia 2's idea. (Are they smaller than the 3? cause 2 of those right in my tiny tank might tick me off)
That's what I like about the Koralia's. They produce a wide flow pattern vs. the narrow jet of a MaxiJet and most other ph's. You should be able to tell at feeding time what the flow pattern looks like.
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