New tank- light and fertilizer

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Oct 30, 2023
I will be starting a new 90 gallon community, heavy fish load, moderate plant load, low tech (no CO2).

Girl Talks Fish video recommends:

First week - no fertilizer, 50% light intensity for 6 hrs, 2nd week -25% recommended Easy Green fertilizer, 50% light/7 hrs, 3rd week 50% fertilizer and 75% light/8 hrs.

Has anyone tried this or something similar? Keep in mind with light intensity I have a taller (24" ) 90 gallon. It makes sense to me to start low and build up light and fertilizer while the plants go through transplant/new water shock.
Without knowing the PAR of the light fitting in your specific tank, saying things like 50% intensity, 25% intensity doesnt mean anything.
The light is 4500 lumens. I as I assume most everyone does not have the equipment to know the PAR level. Thanks!
Thats my point. Trial and error is key to lighting, you cant work to any set intensity because things like lumens and lux are meaningless and most people dont have the ability to measure PAR. Try something, see how the plants react over a period of a couple of months, adjust if needed. Having the light set at an intensity one week, then changing it the following week, then changing it again doesn't tell you anything because plant health can only be judged over extended periods of time.
Starting slow and gradually increasing light and fertilizer makes a lot of sense, especially for a new tank. It helps plants adjust and minimizes algae issues. The approach you mentioned aligns with the principles of a methodical startup. Considering your tall 90-gallon tank, keeping an eye on plant growth and potential algae will be crucial.

Remember, every tank is unique, so adjustments might be needed based on how your plants respond. Patience is key. Feel free to share updates or ask for advice if needed. Good luck with your new community tank!
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