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Sep 1, 2015
I'm an animal lover. My 3 cats passed a few years back and haven't been replaced, but I have 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, plenty of fish, and kids.
Back in 2009 I bought a 10 gallon and within a year it was greatly overstocked because the kids (I blame it on them) wanted more fish.
I purchased a 40 gallon to give them more space, but no one in these stores thought to tell me about the nitrogen cycle or ask how many fish I had and I had never heard of ich.
In horrifying manner, I lost every fish and a lot of money, took some time away depressed, and then decided a few months later to try again and learn as much as possible.

I've spent so much time burning myself out reading conflicting info about plants, stocking, diseases, fungus, etc. So here I am because I'm just looking for a central place to learn and share my mostly great experience so far with fish and this seems like a great place to do so!

I have 40 gal in my bedroom temporarily
1 telescope calico fantail
2 fantail
1 midget fantail (tail longer than his body)
1 common pleco which will be replaced
Fish are 3 years old and still growing (except for the midget)

60 gallon planted in progress in living room
3 longfin zebra danio
3 blue pearl danio
4 longfin gold danio
7 platy
3 angelfish (1 is new in quarantine)
1 albino bristlenose
Tank running since February

ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, 0
feed worms, veggies, flakes.

Son has one betta
1st angel looks like a partially cooked sunnyside up egg!
3rd one in quarantine.
Planning to plant the goldfish tank with goldfish resistant plants like anubias then upgrade to a 75.
All the goldfish were babies when I got them. The biggest is about 6 inches now maybe more. The midget is same size as when I originally purchased except the tail grew.

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