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Aug 1, 2023
Hi, I’m Eve, I’m new to fish tanks and forms so please be patient with me and I apologize for any grammatical issues as it’s not my strong suit.
I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank which I will be putting an old convict cichlid (Gary) into once it’s finished cycling and I’m just here to learn more about fish and tanks in general.
I hope to enjoy my time in this community and give Gary the best fish retirement he could ever have as his previous housing conditions have been less then ideal due to lack of knowledge and various other things so I hope he lives his remaining few years well and doesn’t die when we move him.
Welcome to the forum. :)
I'm sure if you spend some time looking at the many threads here on fish keeping , you will get a lot of information you probably do not know now. (y) If you have a specific question, please add as much information about the situation you are asking about for us to better help you quickly. :)

Happy reading.:fish2::fish2::fish2::fish2::fish2::fish1::fish1::fish1::fish1::fish1:
Hi Eve and welcome to the forum :)

If you already have an established aquarium with an established filter, you can simply transfer the filter, gravel, ornaments, water and fish into the new tank. No need to cycle it. If you want to keep the original tank running, then take half the filter media and put it in the new filter in the new tank and move the fish across.
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