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Jul 21, 2013
Western NY
Hi All,

My g/f has been wanting to get a salt water fish tank so after finding a 55gallon tank/stand/filter/lights across the neighborhood, we picked it up and started watching youtube and reading the internet. We started with 3 weeks of water with crushed coral and live sand filled with tap water. We have been taking readings every week and started a spreadsheet with changes and readings so we have something to look back on.

Today we just added our first fish and a nice 6lb peice of live rick; two pepermint shrimp and 2 tiny cloud fish. Unfortunately the shrimp were dead about 5 hours later when we got home. The only issue we can find is the SG is a bit high @ 1.29. We are going to get ~5gallons of RO water tomorrow and start doing slow water changes over the next couple days.

We plan to upgrade standard CF lights with some T5 setups when the pocket book permits. Until then, we just bought new blue bulbs (penatrate deeper i was told). At some point we will be adding a skimmer, etc.

Thank you,
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